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Git Repositories of Fedmich

1BookmarkletsVarious bookmarklets made using Javascript codesJavaScript
2CodeIgniter-2.12Original files of CIPHP
3node-bluetooth-serial-portSerial I/O using node and bluetoothC++
4Android-Universal-Image-LoaderPowerful and flexible library for loading, caching and displaying images on Android.Java
5GIT-CommandsDifferent commands for working with GITShell
6coursera-androidSource Code for Android Course Example ApplicationsJava
7nprogressFor slim progress bars like on YouTube, Medium, etcJavaScript
8Magento-CodesI'll put my codes for Magento in here
9Google-Script-CodesThese codes are for use in Google Spreadsheets aka Macros or VBA in MS ExcelJavaScript
10Android-DrawCanvasNative Android, Drawing and Canvas featuresJava
11LESS-CSS-PHP-ApacheApache handler to automatically parse/compile less file into CSSPHP
12cdnjsOur goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.JavaScript
13Android-ShakeTestNative Android Shake functionalityJava11
14facebook-and-digg-thumbnail-generatorWordPress Plugin, This plugin will automatically add meta tags on the HEAD section of a post which will be used by Facebook and Digg as the share preview. PHP11
15WordPress_CodesSource codes for the most popular Blog / CMS platformPHP22
16AmazonAWS_codesFor working with Amazon AWS - EC2, S3, RDS, etc
17Android-CodesSnippets for developing for Android Native AppsShell
19Android_ExperimentsWill put different experiments for Native Androids in hereJava
20StackOverflow-answersRepositories for my answers at StackOverflow.comPHP33
23MiniPlayerChromeMini Player allows you to play videos on a floating mini window at the bottom of your screen from sites like YouTube, Vimeo & FacebookJavaScript
24Apache_CodesBunch of codes for Apache Server configuration (httpd.conf) or htaccess11
25DynDNS-updaterPHP script to update DynDNS address manually using a browserPHP11
27Local-AppsThis app will enumerate all subdirectory folders in the same folder. The objective of this app is to make an easy browseable listing of folders. Free of clutter, Bigger font so its easier to click and navigate to.PHP
29Python-CodesSource codes for PythonPython
30Linux_commandsDifferent commands for Linux administrating machines. Ubuntu, Linux, etcShell
31Printable-Weekly-TodosPrintable Weekly TodosCSS
32ionic-angular-cordova-seedThe perfect starting point for an Ionic projectJavaScript
33Front-end-Developer-Interview-QuestionsA list of helpful front-end related questions you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore.
37CI_InstagramInstagram librariesPHP
39spotify-apps-tutorialA Spotify App that shows you how to make a Spotify appJavaScript
41Javascript-CodesBunch of codes for Javascript / jQueryJavaScript11
42jQuery-Smart-FomsUsed for validation of formsJavaScript
43Git-Pull-HooksTool to auto execute bash scripts like GIT PULL after codes are pushed to GIT using Hooks aka git triggersPHP
44TortoiseGIT_Enable_DisableWindows Registry Tweak to enable or disable the Context Menu in Windows Explorer11
47ASP_codesWill put the codes for ASP, C#, IIS, etc in here
49WordPress_BlacklistList of keywords and IP addresses to block for you WordPress blogs11
50Code-reviewerRepositories of different codes/quick reviewer for PHP, Javascript, Python, etc. Preparations for your interviews, Job hunting. Good luck everyone :)PHP
51TortoiseSVN_Enable_DisableWindows Registry Tweak to enable or disable the Context Menu in Windows Explorer11
53facebook-php-sdkFacebook PHP SDKPHP
54Code_Igniter_CodesCode collection for Code Igniter projects, AKA CI, C.I.PHP
57Static-filesRepo for improving page loading speed for serving of static files like JavaScript, CSS, html, using Apache, htaccess, mod_deflate
59VB6-CodesSource codes for Visual Basic 6 (VB6)Visual Basic11
61CakePhp-CodesSource codes for CakePHP (PHP Language)PHP
62Learn_Tagalog_PhilippinesTagalog is the language used in Philippines http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagalog11
63RedirectDeviceSimple device-aware redirections, using PHP and header location redirectsPHP
66EarningsCalculatorAndroid Native app calculatorJava
67Learn_Nihongo_JapaneseNihongo / Japanese is the language used in Japan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_language11
68addon-sdkThe Add-on SDK repository.JavaScript
69WorkFlowsI'll put the repositories and case studies of my projects in here
73markupThe code we use to render README.your_favorite_markupRuby
74jQuery-SELECT_urlsBuilds a list of dropdown items (select tag) with correponding URLs as values.JavaScript
75game-off-2012The GitHub Game Off 2012 is game jam / hackathon / coding challenge to create and open source a web-based game
78AI_Useful_TitleReturns a string after cleaning junks, for use as post titleJavaScript11
79ExperimentsBunch of source code from different experiments11
80Learn_SinhaleseSinhalese are language in Sri-lanka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Lanka11