Facebook and Digg Thumbnail generator

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This plugin will automatically add meta tags on the HEAD section of a post which will be used by Facebook and Digg as the share preview and will also enhance your wall posts by adding a clickable youtube videos on the left-side of your Facebook walls.


Sample 1
,Sample 2

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  1. Confused says:

    When ticking the option to create a description, it is not stripping out “” tags, it’s converting them to “<br /> <br />” within the description text.

  2. Dimitrije says:

    Hi, this is great plugin, but i have one BIG problem, im using new wordpress 3.6. And in posts where i linked somthing on youtube for exampl watch HERE(linked). It embades post as video ive linked in text. Which i dont want because my post is textpost… So please if u can HELP.

  3. Nancy R says:

    Ya instale el plug-in pero sigue sin permitirme mostrar la imágen y texto =(, al inicio del sitio si podía compartir sin problema pero posteriormente sólo pude compartir el link. Si puedes ayudarme. Gracias

  4. Andrew says:

    Is it possible to customise meta tags for each post page? I cannot see how to do this.

    If not, what is the point of this plugin if it replicates the randomness of the default Facebook functionality, which often does not produce what you want.

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