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Download Commander

Download Program

A useful tool for doing various popular command prompt and has other useful functions as well.


  • helpful visually ping websites
  • Turn off monitor
    (Useful for laptop if you dont want to hibernate the laptop but you want to conserve its battery)
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • ipconfig
  • router settings
    Will open up on the default internet browser

* When the program is installed you can access the program by going to
“Start-menu”, click on run and then type cmd2 and press Enter
or you can also press
keyboard and then type cmd2 and press Enter

Fix PC

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This is a program I made to help users combat and protect their pc from different viruses and malware softwares that a lot of people are complaining about.

This will restore the following registry edit to enable the following access :
Task Manager, Command Prompt, Regedit, Find, Folder Options, File Menu, Run command, Start Menu Context, Windows Hotkey Assignation.

This will change the following registry settings:
Show Hidden Files = False
Show File Extension = True
Hide Super Hidden Files = True

This tool will restore :
Internet Explorer Window Title
Internet Explorer Start Page

Disclaimer :
I’ll not be liable for any damage and loss of data caused in connection with the use of this utility. Use at your own risks. This program has been tested on a lot of pc, pc of different computer shops, my computer shop, computers of my friends and family.
The tool was knowned before as “Clean up” and I personally made this back in 2004.

I’ll put an Automatic Updater in the next version. :)

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Color Picker

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Downoad the latest version here

Color Picker features

  • 100% Free
  • Easily pick any color from the screen
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Colors shown in hex & Decimal, Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green and Blue (RGB) values
  • Easy copying of colors
  • Support for VB6 decimal numbers that you can place as BackColor property
  • Easy to use with any other program
  • Color set for quick colorpicker
  • Easy to use collapsible sections
  • Available in Windows Run
  • Quickly run by pressing Windows+R then type color and press Enter
  • Easy keyboard shortcuts for toggling and copying the values
  • Checkbox for toggling # sign if needed
  • Works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop and any other application