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Fedmich CRM

Fedmich CRM is one of the largest projects I have worked on. It is a web/desktop application that saves me and my team a lot of time by automating various day-to-day tasks. It has many logics (Artificial intelligence) built into it and is very smart and useful application for us.


This screen shows that each todo items has timers that can be timed, you can Start or Stop/Pause and you can resume working on it later. The Date Due, Date Added, and Total time are shown on the last columns. It has 1-click ajax saving to set if the todo is High/Low priority. You can add multiple todo items quickly. It has Login Manager per project, Project Links management

The Staff Management report shows the activity and a graph of weekly works done by the each user. The total hrs of engagement of a user is shown at bottom of each day.





More screen to come in the future! Stay tuned and will add them when we get the chance and time.

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