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Online Table Sysnchronization (FedTable)



Case Study:
Since the records of a table on Dakki's database is HUGE (270,000 records and 40 columns), it is difficult to transfer and synchronize the datas from the other 80 branches nationwide...

The other branches are not yet using a broadband internet connection, and using the modem to connect to a long distance location, takes time to transfer and also cost money. And in order to cut-off on the duration that we connect to the long distance of other branch. I need to optimize and speedup the transfering/synchronization of the datas and will also need to make the file that is being transferred to other branch to be as small as possible. So I made a program that will automate the creation of a (RAR) compressed file and would also automatically extract and insert it on our database on the other branch. I gave it it's own file extension, so whenever a user DOUBLE-CLICKS or OPEN a fedtable file. the FedTable System is the program that will show and ask where to put the datas inside that archive.

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