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Job interview

Isang boss ang nag iinterview sa apat na babae para sa
posisyong ina-applyan nila at binigyan ng pare-
parehong tanong.
Boss: A woman normally has lips on 2 different places.
Whats the difference between the two?
First Girl: Yung isa ho mabuhok. Yung isa hindi.
Boss: ok.. good!
Second Girl: Yung isa, nakakapagsalita. Yung isa hindi.
Boss: thats better!
Third Girl: Yung isa vertical at yung isa naman
Boss: Hmm.. clever!
Last Girl: Yung isa pang-kain ko. Yung isa naman, para
sa boss ko.
Boss: You are hired!!!
Tagalog Joke #354

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