Career Objective

To provide world-class service and help everyone that I can, using my extensive skills and talent in computers programming.

Working Experience

FLOK PTE LTD, Singapore Company
Senior Web Developer

Apr 2013 - Present (8 months)
  • Work on multiple projects in parallel for multiple clients.
  • Work on back-end related tasks like database design, dynamic pages, integrations, validations, etc
  • Create facebook applications and social media integration
  • Create admin control panels upon each applications we create
  • Create custom Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Create analytics tools that will be used to measure campaigns
  • Manage source codes and sub-versioning using Git
  • Deploy websites to live sites and manage server machines
  • Ensure application comply with Facebook's PMD policy

Qiito / Travel Industry, Singapore/Taiwan Company
Senior Web Developer

Feb 2012 - Feb 2013 (1 year, 1 month)
  • Build reusable modules, ensure code quality and optimize site for speed and performance
  • Create dashboards that generates reports (Charts / Summary) to help support Decision Making & Business Model of the company
  • Suggest SEO improvements and create documentations for the flow of operation
  • Create benchmarks, and provide the fastest Server setups, configurations, codes/frameworks to use.
  • Research about company's competitors and give report on their background information and list out the technologies they use.
  • Help developers on Facebook Applications, and Social Media operations
  • Create website crawler and spider robots to gather information
  • Check compatibility of projects through Linux and cross browser checking
  • Fix bugs & solve technical issues on projects.
  • Technologies: PHP, Python, Apache, MySQL, CakePHP / CSS, UI, UX, JSON
  • SEO, Google, Bing, Website Security, Dashboards

All Deals Asia Singapore
Web Developer

Sept 2011 - Feb 2012 (6 months)
  • Develop webpages based on design specifications, with focus on UI/UX
  • Write and debug JavaScript, CSS, PHP (optimize codes and apply styles)
  • Create custom Drupal modules/themes for mobile and web use.
  • Customize back-end stuffs and add functionalities to shopping cart modules
  • Slice PSD designs into Newsletter, and tests across email platforms
  • Test various functionalities across different browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)
  • Create flow chart and provide documentation of newly added features
  • Work with designers to create banners, Flash/GIF
  • Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Drupal, GitHub, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Google Documents, Flow charts, LAMP

All-around Super Freelancer
Designer, Coder, Manager, Self-employed

2001 - Sept 2011 (10+ years)
  • Communicate with clients of different nationalities on different timezones/locations
  • Research and develop tools for Project Management
  • Create wide-range of web applications and automation scripts
  • Maintain web applications for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS.
  • Website functionalities cloning
  • Create applications and design websites for various projects.
  • Create various interactive plugins, widgets or design UI/UX
  • Approves designs of marketing, banners and plans for managing of portfolio

Senior WordPress Developer / Team Lead
Dynamic Websites, Australia

April 2011 - Sep 2011 (6 months)
  • Creates web development plans and estimate timelines by milestones/functionality
  • Recommends plugins, widgets and tools needed in the project
  • Do the detail technical requirements and planning for each project
  • Support developers and resolve issues encountered on the project

Enikos Pty Limited, Sydney Australia
JavaScript Developer

Mar 2008 - Aug 2008 (6 months)
  • JavaScript & Web development works, testing, design, and implementations
  • User Interface, API modules planning and cloning website functionalities
  • Create charts and special reports based on stats/traffics from database
  • Works with JavaScript, Ajax, QuickTime, FLV technologies and WordPress

Fedmich Computer Shop
Business Owner, Self-employed

Nov 2006 - Dec 2007 (1 year 4 months)
  • Owner of a computer shop. Worked with numerous computers (hardware/software)
  • Create various reports about earnings & expenses. Charts and Graphs
  • Setup computer networks, wiring/cables, format computers and configure routers and internet.
  • Networking, Wiring, Cabling, formatting and configuring of computers
  • Assembles parts of PC for self and other internet cafe shops
  • Made various tools, anti virus, anti-spywares to ensure performance of computers
  • Purchase website and establish online presence of the company.
  • Maintain websites, forums, and occasional blog writing for the computer shop

Resco Systems
Senior Software Engineer

Jul 2006 - Oct 2007 (1 year, 4 months)
  • Got sponsored by company to visit Japan and install application on Japan's server
  • Conduct Skype meetings with Japanese clients
  • Develop PHP / JavaScript modules frameworks for the team's use
  • Design User Interface for the project using HTML, CSS, and Flash
  • Convert database from one format to another (FileMaker, Excel, PostGre, etc)

SPI Technologies - Publisher Services
Software Engineer

Nov 2005 - Jul 2006 (9 months)
  • Analyzes department's needs for automation and computerization. Designs new or modifies existing systems and develop computer programs
  • Responsible for the development of project designs based on client specifications.
  • Works using Python web applications, PHP, servers and databases
  • Conduct user tutorials and demonstration of the programs developed upon launch

Dakki Classics Concept Inc.
Software Programmer / System Analyst

Aug 2004 - Nov 2005 (1year, 4months)
  • Create various tools to automate Business processes
  • Maintains and enhances current systems
  • Supervises user-training and technical support for both hardware installations and software usage. Creates user manuals as needed
  • Provides advice to fellow programmers regarding programming concepts
  • Quickly produce special reports using Crystal Reports/HTML from processed data
  • Develops innovative software to be used by the company
  • Sales and Invoicing System (Accounting System)
  • Online data synchronization
  • Various automation tools

Programming Skills

  • Can quickly build both website and desktop applications
  • Advance PHP, Wordpress, GD, CSS, Bulletins, CMS, etc.
  • Advance Visual Basic 6.0 / .NET
  • MySQL / PostGre / SQLite, Oracle
  • Python, C++
  • Access / SQL Server / D.T.S.
  • Dreamweaver, Flash, Designs
  • JavaScript (AJAX, JQuery, Effects, Animations, Cross-Browsers)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have completed thousands of projects as a freelancer and received hundreds of testimonials from happy clients. Hard working, initiative and always thinks out of box.

Educational Background

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (BSCS) - S.Y. 2004
S.T.I. College - Las Pinas, Philippines
Graduated with high grades and actively participates on programming competitions.
Often receives recommendations & supports from many professors.

Courses taken

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (BSCS) - S.Y. 2004
S.T.I. College - Las Pinas, Philippines
Graduated with high grades and actively participates on programming competitions.
Often receives recommendations & supports from many professors.

Courses / Certifications

  • Google's DoubleClick Studio Certification, scored 90%
  • Amazon AWS Essentials Training (4 days)
  • Python programming
  • Advanced Power searching with Google

Personal Particulars

Age: 29
Nationality: Filipino
Languages spoken: English, Nihongo (Japanese), Tagalog


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Willing to travel, relocate or be an immigrant and can start immediately after 1 month of notice. Loves to travel, possesses passport and had traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

An avid gamer since childhood and have played thousands of games which helped develop my creativity, sharpness of mind, and logical thinking.

Check out my works for more samples and details about my works in the past years.

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