Android Projects

Here are some of the android applications & games that we've built. Some are native Android apps using JAVA and some are using PhoneGap.

Aside from the list below, we've also built applications for different individual clients & for some startup companies.
We are also constantly launching new products, and is actively building applications for clients.
  • Tagalog Jokes

    HUGE collection of Tagalog Jokes
    Please Note: This is for Filipino and tagalog speaking readers only and is not in English.

    Native Android app

    Install VIRAL 

  • Pamahiin

    Pamahiin ni Lola is an app where you can read about popular Tagalog OLD Beliefs

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  • Philippines Logo Quiz

    Philippines Logo Quiz is a game that tests how much you know about the companies

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  • FedLyrics

    Huge collection of Music Videos with lyrics so you can sing along with the popular music from Hit charts like MYX and Top 100 Billboards.

    Native Android app
    Auto Updating via self built API / XML files


  • Cheryl Cakes

    Collection of cake designs creation by Cheryl Garcia.
    Features collections like Super Mario cakes, Android, Kung Fu Panda, and more!

    Native Android app uses LazyLoading technique on ListView with Swipe Photo feature.


  • Tongue Twisters

    This app is a compilation of Tongue Twisters that can help you improve your Speaking skills

    Cordova / HTML5 app with CSS3 effects

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  • Pinoy Henyo

    Pinoy Henyo is a popular puzzle game in Philippines. answer with YES, NO, MAYBE

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  • Acupressure

    App to guide user to do Acupressure. There is a FREE and PRO version.

    for Client 

  • Christmas Countdown

    Christmas countdown App counts down to December 25, 2014. It shows the remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds. Come and celebrate the upcoming Christmas event with us!

    PhoneGap, HTML, Media, Background music and sound effects


  • 4pics, 1 word Tagalog game


  • Celebrity Birthdays

    This app shows a list of the birthdays of celebrity and uses public information about them gathered from wikipedia, facebook, twitter, imdb, etc. Built using AngularJS / Ionic Framework


  • Speak It! (by Fedmich)

    This is a simple Text-to-speech also known as Word Pronunciation app
    Type any phrase or sentence that you want your Android device to speak in the middle textbox and click the SPEAK button.


  • 143pets Cute Videos

    HUGE collection of cute pets videos. Play them all continuously/non-stop.

    Native Android app
    Powered by and videos from Youtube.

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  • IELTS Prepare

    IELTS Prepare, Study & Videos
    This app contains a compilation of videos to help you prepare and study for your IELTS examination. This can help you on your IELTS Speaking, IELTS Writing, IELTS Reading as well as IELTS Listening.

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  • Daily Prayer

    Handy list of Catholic Prayers that you can use to pray and connect with God.

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  • MY IP

    MY IP is a simple networking tool to see about your network information.

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  • Word of the Day

  • New Year Countdown

  • Flashlight

    • Simple and Minimal design.

    • Turns ON the light with 1 TAP

    • Plays robot sound from Jarvis of Iron-man

  • Samantha Photo Drop

    A simple mini game that shows pictures of our Labrador pet dog named Samantha.

    Phaser Game Engine and uses Gravity / Physics algorithm

Why work with us?

  • We have experience with many modern Mobile Frameworks like:PhoneGap, jQuery mobile, jQTouch, appframework by Intel, sencha, and many more
  • We know how to monetize the apps using Mobile Ad networks such as Admob / Adsense by Google , ChartBoost, and others as well.
  • We have a streamline process of development and use automation for building and signing.
    We follow good coding guidelines and have checklist for testing
  • We tests the apps using many actual devices using our own tool called APKManager to release apk apps on the Air or over WIFI. We also auto sign the apps using your keystore and can manage your certificates and PEM files for you.
  • We make fast loading apps and like to experiment using different technologies available.

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