Facebook Products and Projects

Here are some of the facebook applications that we've built.

Aside from the list below, we've also built applications for different individual clients & for some startup companies.
We are also constantly launching new products, and is actively building applications for clients.
  • Hockey Time TV

    This app uses Vimeo API to show the list of videos of the client

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  • Green Challenge

    Our team in Singapore created a quiz app which increases awareness to the public about Energy Saving. By answering 6 simple questions, they can find out how much they know about the costs of each of their appliances in their houses.

  • OIL Guru Job listing

    This app uses RSS to show a list of jobs available on their site.
    It has search feature and lightbox popup of the video.

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  • BLTBall event listing

    This app fetches events from their Facebook page and displays it in a Grid or list view layout.

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  • McDonald's DoSummer

    This app displays photos from McDonalds Instagram account.

    An admin panel was created to help administrators pick the photos they want to show.

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  • Jurong Events App

    This app is a combination of Gallery, Form submission, Information campaign, event listing (includes prizes), and community pictures. It is also an RSVP event tool where their FB fans can interact with it to confirm their attendance.

  • Test Your Faith Social App

    This app is an app/game with social features where user can create "dare" and make their pledges to complete them altogethere with their Facebook friends which verify the results. The also generates custom images and can be used as Cover Photo in FB.

  • Click Colletion order bags form

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  • Sony Mobile FB app

    This is a simple app which allows participants to submit their photo for Sony's contest and they can win SONY Smartphone XPERIA.
    The app contains Like Gate feature so user must like the page before they can join the contest.

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  • Heather Lopez Enterprises

  • Intention 111

    An old page tab app with a simple subscribe button plus links to his ebooks so the visitors can purchase his books directly on the facebook page tab

  • Le Petit Studio

  • FB app with form submission

  • Dani Walker

  • Garfield Comics app

  • Twitter Designs

  • Fedmich Product list

    A simple page which shows a thumbnail listing of the products we've built.

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  • Samantha Dropbox Game

    A simple experiment of a game with physics / gravity functionality.
    Showing our black labrador pet, Samantha

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  • 4Pics 1 word Game

    A guess the word game in Tagalog language.

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  • Little Welly landing page tab

    This app is a simple app with clickable hotspots

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  • The Indian Center FB app

    This is a simple landing app with subscription newsletter
    It also has a Like Us arrow feature.

    This app was built it less than a day! Express Delivery!

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  • Skin of Gold

  • Colour Your Run

  • e3woman app

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