Chrome Products

Here are some of the chrome extension & chrome applications that we've built.

Aside from the list below, we've also built applications for different individual clients & for some startup companies.
We are also constantly launching new products, and is actively building applications for clients.
Kindly note: We have experience in working with Firefox add-ons, Safari extensions & Internet Explorer browser add-ons as well.
  • WP SpyBar

    We were contacted to create a chrome app that will display the different wordpress plugins used on the page

    for Client

  • Clip it

    Similar to how Pinterest works, this app clips any image into a travel site.
    It is built with different AI algorithm to check out and find the best photos on the site.

    for Client

  • Youtube PlaySpeed

    A simple extension that allows user to change speed of the playback of the playing videos, also known as PlaybackRate.

    for Client

  • Mini Player Chrome

    Mini Player for Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo & other video sites.

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  • PageXray

    This tool will show you the technologies used on any page.

    Install Case Study

  • Zoom Hover

    Zoom Hover - Shows bigger photos when you hover your mouse on a thumbnail picture.

  • Tabs Closer

    Cleans up your windows/tabs with 1 click of a mouse button

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  • Various Bots for eCommerce sites (Shoes, etc)

    We've been contacted to build different bots for ecommerce sites suchs as for:
    Nike Store, FootLocker, EastBay, FinishLine, FootAction, JimmyJazz, ChampsSports, and others.
    The bots are designed to help user with adding to cart, purchasing the shoes and products for them.

    Disclaimer: We only make bots that are useful, for legal use and those that doesn't violate TOS of sites.

    for Client

  • Push Reward app

    This app lets user broadcast online retailer advertisements to social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) so they can earn shopping discounts (coupon codes)

    for Client

  • CRM add-on

    We were contacted to create a chrome app that integrates their internal system to their SugarCRM. It uses a combination of server and AJAX technologies to make the application work side-by-side.

    for Client

  • Multi G+ Hangouts - Virtual Office

    This is a real-time chatroom app that allows users to quickly join an existing chatrooms.
    It uses Google+ Hangouts API, avatar images (based on email address)

    for Client

  • Youtube Analytics

    We were contacted to create a chrome app that will daily fetch the number of views of videos and present them into a visualization graph with agregation of per Week, Month, and Year

    for Client

  • Currency Converter

    We were contacted to create a chrome app that will display the exchange rates of currency for different countries

    for Client

  • Product info Deep crawler

    Its for a client in Germany and it scans different informations of business listing. Scans the email address, business names, website and other infos. It has a deep scan features which crawls the site for informations.


  • Simplify Facebook

    This app aims to remove all the nuisance and reduce the noise when user is browsing facebook.
    It can optionally remove "game requests", ads (same as adblock / ghostery) as well a bunch of elements and links to unrelated and promotion item.

  • 4pics 1 Word Tagalog game

    Our own puzzle trivia game that uses Tagalog words
    Features includes:
    Pure HTML5 & JS application
    Facebook Connect with Open graph (Friends that are playing)
    Animation effects - CSS3 Transitions
    Online leaderboard
    Game Sounds effects
    Ported into Mobile devices via PhoneGap
    Coming soon to Android, iOs, Nokia, Windows Store and Facebook AppCenter


  • Xpath generator

    This is a clone of the popular Xpath generator chrome extension.

    You move your mouse to a DOM element and it will generator different xpath query language. It does a DOM traversal and examines the different node ID, CSS classes, special data attributes


  • Earnings Week

    This is for tracking the Earnings report of different companies.
    It has a simple UI navigation, week view or calendar which in few clicks brings you to different stock information.


  • Discord Monitor

    It is a tool which scans the messages per discord channel on any server, it creates JSON objects and sends those info to a server database which is then parsed to many different purposes.
    Like SPAM and fraud detection. Trading price alerts stocks, etc


  • FedLyrics Radio

    Non-stop music player / radio Auto-DJ

    This app is an Online Radio Auto-DJ which plays music videos from Youtube

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  • 143pets Cute Videos

    HUGE collection of cute pets videos. Play them all continously/non-stop

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  • Contact Finder

    It is a chrome web app that scans a site and finds the contact information of the website.
    The crawler checks common pages like About, Contact Us, etc and displays the email address of the admins.

    for Client

  • Spotify for Chrome

    Quickly search for Spotify songs & play via Spotify Web Player.

    Supports the following features:
    - Use selected "text" on page to search using that keywords
    - Smartly checks what user searching

    For Alpha testers

  • Privacy app

    This app uses thousands of url filters that blocks different trackers, beacons, malware, advertisings.
    It works similar to Adblock Plus, Ghostery & Privacy Dog. It has auto-update feature.

    for Client

  • Special number pattern auto detection

    This app will make certain special numbers become clickable, the pattern is based on Regular Expression.
    It works on Gmail messages, Google docs, Google Spreadsheet, Calendar & just about any sites.

    for Client

  • Calculator Chrome

    Quick calculator is a simple calculator which help you compute the total SUM of your numbers.
    Just enter 1 number per line and the answer will show up below.

  • Clean Search

    This a parental control application which filters out adult content.
    It has a silent & automatic update feature to update database from server

    for Client

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