I can create an interactive online calculator page / app for you

I can create a 1-page calculator app that you can use to compute just about anything.
Immediately after getting the formula for the computations, I'll send you a link to test the app and then you can embed it to your website.

You could simply create an excel sheet and I'll convert that into a webpage
Other features that we could include:
  • Add special controls like "Date Range" from and to
  • Style your form and add Dark, Light theme or add gradients
  • Add Javascript validations like numeric only, with decimals, "Email only", etc
  • Add Graphs & charts to your calculator app
  • Add your "Conditional Formatting" or validation from your spreadsheet
  • Add Multi language to your Calculator
  • Add an EMAIL feature to send user's inputs to a designated email address
  • Add special controls - sliders to change numbers easily

The source codes generated would be easy to understand and uses HTML5 codes. This is a carefully hand-crafted and easy to use app :)

We've built a lot of calculators before and can help you build yours now.

What do we need to get started?
  • Will need instructions of what the calculator should do.
  • Inputs & Sample Outputs
  • Formulas for each rows, Excel spreadsheet is good and clear
  • Restrictions for example (Numbers only)
  • If you have sample related webpage of a working similar calculator