HTMLCompressor - PHP Script

The script compress HTML codes using a set of rules & a bunch of regular expressions.
It minizes the size of the page and also remove whitespaces, html comments and minifies CSS and JavaScript using Google Closure Compiler

  • Released to Public : Not yet


  • HTML Compression
  • Minifies CSS codes  #CSS
  • Minifies JavaScript codes using a local JAR file from Google's Closure Compiler  #JavaScript
  • Trims white-spaces from your Source codes
  • Removes HTML comments
  • Adds HTML Signature on top of HTML source codes
  • Generates GZIP together with the HTML file
  • Smartly closes unclosed tags, for example <link, <meta tags and others
  • Removes empty HTML tags
  • Checks for any PHP errors before generating HTML files.
  • Removes console.log() and debug functions on the final, production-ready JS file
  • Other features includes:
    HTML title tags, SEO meta descriptions are also added, canonical urls, link image_src, and more