Facebook Experience

About this Infographic

This is a flow chart of the different tasks or projects I've done with Facebook Graph API, using Facebook SDKs and using pure codes written in PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

To summarize it a bit:

  • I've also worked with companies that has Facebook PMD Badges.

Note:This is not a complete list.. Will update this page from time-to-time.

Skills & Technologies I've implemented

  • Facebook Connect
  • Getting list of Facebook friends
  • Generating Facebook Cover Photos
  • Facebook fan-pages management tools
  • Agregating counts of Likes, Shares, Comments analytics.
  • Apps that auto-uploads to specific albums of Facebook pages or Facebook users
  • Social Medias

    • Integrating Instagram, FourSquare, Twitter using other APIs
    • Posting to social media sites
    • Open graphs
  • CMS

    • Managing contents, users matrix, etc